Painting tips for maintaining your oceanside home

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Some of the unique concerns for maintaining exterior house paint are things like damage from salt water, wind, (hurricanes), etc.  How can an oceanside house be maintained after a successful paint job?

  • High quality paint
  • Durable paint

Good examples of really good exterior house paint especially for homes by the ocean are:

  • A good elastic paint, 100% Acrylic with a satin sheen.  This is ideal for wood trim and siding that expands and contracts with harsh weather etc.  Elastic paint will expand and contract right along with the house’s surface.
  • UV exposure is definitely a concern with homes by the ocean so it’s best to purchase paint from an actual paint store vs. a home improvement store.  There are more varieties to choose from making it easier to pick and choose very durable long lasting paint.

Oil over water vs. water over oil is your best choice for the best base paints for your home.  You can never be too careful especially when your home is near the ocean.  Houses near the ocean can most definitely take a beating from weather elements so it’s important to research and purchase the proper and ideal paint possible.  Hiring a professional is highly recommended.

Source: House Painting Info

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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