What is environmentally friendly paint?

Have you ever heard of environmentally friendly paint?  What is it exactly and what makes it ecologically sound?  First off, we know that the traditional paint has plenty of toxic and harmful chemicals which can pose a health risk to our bodies.  What makes eco-friendly paint so different is that it has been approved by the EPA as having “low concentration of VOC’s.”  Usually the paint can will say “low VOC paint” which helps you in your purchasing decision.

Believe it or not, some environmentally safe paints actually have zero VOC’s.  They are made with natural products and sometimes organic which most definitely makes them eco-friendly.  Even though this particular type of paint may cost more than traditional paint, it’s definitely worth paying the extra dollars when it comes to you and your family’s health. It’s the low or zero VOC’s that make this paint ecologically sound.

Would you consider using environmentally friendly paints if you knew it would keep you healthy?  I know that when it comes to repainting my home in the future, I will be using eco-friendly paint.  Why put my family and myself at risk of inhaling harmful fumes?

Source: Eco Friendly Living

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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