How to deal with lead paint in or outside the home

File:LeadPlomb bille oxyde doigt.jpgShould you be concerned with lead around your home even if it’s outside?  Absolutely!  It is considered a number one cause of health problems in the United States but guess what?  You can prevent it if you take the necessary steps to make it possible.

First, you want to know what year your home was built.  If your home was built before the 1980’s there is a good chance your home has various levels of lead. You may want to contact the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424 LEAD.  You can request a copy of how to protect your family from lead in the home.

Does your interior paint contain lead?  What is the condition of that paint?  Lead-based paint is the cause of lead exposure to children.  If your lead based paint is cracking, peeling, etc. you will want to get that taken care of immediately.  You can get your home tested for lead by having paint samples sent to a certified lead program.  Do-it-yourself, test kits are available at these programs or in their stores.  Contact your Health Department.

Is there lead paint on your doors and windows?  Children are at risk of any that has chipped or peeled and landed on the floor and has formed a dusting getting on their toys, etc.  Small children may touch and are at higher risk since they put their hands and toys in their mouths.

Lead in drinking water.  Do you know if your water is lead free? This is a very scary and serious one but it’s important to know the truth when it comes to you and your family’s health.  Lead can enter your pipes and get into your water very easily.  It may be better to get filtered water or bottled water just to be on the safe side.

Soil contaminated lead.  Soil is easily contaminated by lead and can be around your home such as plants.  Outside is a factor since soil from gardens, etc. can be tracked right back into your home putting your children at risk to be exposed.

With this knowledge you may want to find out if your home contains any lead.  You can also get blood tests to find out if you are free and clear from lead itself.  Children are usually required to take a blood test to see if there is lead in their bloodstream.  It isn’t a bad idea for adults to get this done as well.

Source: Home A Syst

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