How interior paint can add character to any room

File:Priestley Bedroom.jpgBelieve it or not, specific colors of interior paint can affect ones mood and perception.  For example, “some colors are soothing and some colors are invigorating.”  Certain interior paints can actually make a room seem small and other colors make rooms seem so big.   Why is that?  Well, say that you want to open up a room and make it feel like you are actually somewhere other than home?  Murals are the way to go.  An individual’s mood can instantly align with this feeling giving them an actual soothing feeling within the room itself.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  If someone was going to paint a room with dark drabby colors with a Gothic feel to it, well then most likely someone’s mood will not be bright and cheery.  What about crazy colors and patterns?  This can tend to make a person feel a little crazy.  I understand this concept as I have been present in a room that had too many crazy colors present.  The room was most certainly not a pleasant place to be or soothing for that matter.

How can you make a small room seem larger?  “By using cream colors and icy blues.”  “These are bright and reflective.”  This can create an illusion that a room is actually bigger than it really is.  I have seen this done and it definitely does the trick.  Painting a horizontal stripe around the room can also create an illusion that the room is bigger.  This, I did not know and will be trying for my next painting project before we put our home up for sale.

Source: eHow

Image:Wikimedia Commons

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