Scented Interior Paints

Can scented interior paint actually raise the value of your home, or maybe even sell your home faster?  In some instances I am sure this is true depending on the buyer but what is so great about scented interior paint?  Is it worth it?

I honestly did not know there was such a thing as scented interior house paint until just recently.  I quite actually adore the idea as that awful paint smell from standard interior paint can be very nauseating.

You can actually purchase paint additives as well.  Here is a brief list of scents you can expect from paint additives and scented paint:

  • Fruity Scent
  • Laundry Scent
  • Floral Scent
  • Natural Scent

The additives can combat the fresh paint oder’s but what about actual scented interior paints?  BEHR currently sells some scented interior paints that may be of interest to you:

  • Herbal Scent
  • Pine Scent
  • Scented Clove
  • Scented Valentine

Would you ever consider using a scented interior paint?  I know that I am considering it for my next painting project as we are getting ready to sell our home.

Source: Scented Walls

Image: Free Digital Photos

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