How to deal with house flies, especially in older homes.

Shew fly don’t bother me!  Though this is a popular kids book and song, it is so the truth isn’t it?  Especially when it comes to those pesky things in our homes.

If you have a older home, most likely you are dealing with a fly problem more so than newer homes.  How can they be dealt with and properly?  Here are a few tips that you could start with first, even if you have a newer home:

  • Do away with potted plants
  • Make sure your trash is tight and secure with trash lids
  • Use a fly strip/paper
  • Use a fly curtain
  • Purchase citronella oil and candles
  • Believe it or not crushed mint around the house in bowls and baggies keep flies away
  • Check your fly-screens
  • DIY flytraps
  • Hanging sandwich bags with water repels flies.  It is said they perceive it as a large body of water or the magnified reflection scares them away.  Basically a number of optical illusions keep the flies away.

For older homes other ways include but are not limited to:

  • Sealing entrance ways and windows or other areas helps tremendously, especially if you know where they are getting in.
  • Make sure your home is always clean if possible.  Yeah I know this is a stretch especially if you have children but rooms like the kitchen where food is exposed draws the flies in droves.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Sources: eHow and Green Living Tips

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