Types of outdoors paint

Getting ready to do an outdoor painting project?  Choosing the right paint for the right surface is ideal for producing the right results.  Before discussing the benefits, unique properties, and what makes them different, let’s take a brief look at the types of outdoor paint available:

Types of  Outdoor Paint

  • Water-Based Paint– Paints such as latex and vinyl are the best for exterior surfaces.   It is best to apply water-based paint in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Oil-Based Paint– These paints are best for “certain house siding.”
  • Primer– This is used before paint colors and holds paint on the surface longer.


  • Water-Based paint drys quickly and cleans easily with soap and water.  It eliminates moisture problems.  Water-Based paint is almost odorless and works well on metal, aluminium, vinyl, wood, and brick siding.
  • Oil-Based paint adheres better to surfaces for a permanent coating.   This particular paint is stain resistant and fades slowly.
  • Primer is available in both water and oil bases provide a longer paint life on surfaces.

Unique Properties

  • Water-Based paintsare available in different lusters such as gloss, flat and semi-glass or satin.
  • Oil-Based paints such as alkyd has a chalking,  oxidizing effect for slower fading.
  • Primer again, is available in water and oil bases.


What makes these different outdoor paints so different?  As mentioned before, each paint with certain properties is only ideal for certain surfaces.  Water-based paints is great for porches,  decks, etc.  Oil-based paint is ideal for garages and concrete gutters, etc. and primer is ideal for coating before applying any colors of paints.

Source: eHow

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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